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Eliminate Dental Fear

Norway Dental uses a method of pain-free Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation means that all body functions remain intact and normal.

Millions of Americans do not seek the dental care they need because of fear or anxiety. If you are one of them, do not feel alone. Patients may take advantage of the Sedation Dentistry that creates a pain-free and worry-free experience for the patient and allows Drs. Ted and Kristy to perform multiple treatments and procedures that might normally require additional visits.

This type of sedation creates a very deep relaxation state. The patient can still speak and respond to requests that Drs. may ask.  The type of sedation medication used by Drs. Ted and Kristy have a very profound amnesic effect. You will remember virtually none of the drive to the office, procedures, nor the trip back home.

Drs. Ted and Kristy provide sedation to their patients with an oral (pills) that will relax you, and put you in a sleep-like state, allowing you to have a comfortable dental treatment, and later have little or no memory of the session.  Anxious or even phobic patients often discover that sedation dentistry can offer the perfect solution for maintaining good dental health while being in a totally relaxed or sleep-like state.